Monday, January 16, 2012

Calmady Children Porcelain Pipe

Often, in pipes, art imitates art. This is a portrait of the Calmady Children (Emily, 1818–?1906, and Laura Anne, 1820–1894) painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence (English, Bristol 1769–1830 London), oil on canvas, 1823.

Emily and Laura Anne were the children of Charles Calmady of Langdon Court in Devonshire. Their portrait—shown at the Royal Academy, and engraved under the title Nature—was one of Lawrence's most popular works. This portrait now resides in the (New York) Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And here's the proof (see preceding illustration) that art in the virtual world can imitate art in the utilitarian world of smoking pipes! The likenesses are uncanny. The portrait was copied in exacting detail, indicating that this artist who replicated this painting was not a paint-by-the-numbers hired hand of a pipe manufactory. He was a school-trained professional!

(Courtesy of the Sarunas Peckus Collection)

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