Monday, February 27, 2012

Brünnhilde (Brynhild)

The arts--literature and music in particular--are standard subjects for the meerschaum carver to adapt in his medium. 
Brünnhilde (Brynhild), a shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Norse mythology, in Richard Wagner's opera cycle, "Der Ring des Nibelungen."inspired many painters and sculptors.

(The Ride of the Valkyries" by German painter William T. Maud.,oil on canvas, 1890)

Here is a finely crafted cheroot holder with the high-relief-carved of buxom  
Brünnhilde. Did Maud inspire our meerschaum master carver?


(From the collection of Bruce Benjamin.)

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  1. I have never before seen art and history woven so well as you crafted it in this piece. The historical links between Valkyries' famous painting and this Brünnhilde pipe were completely unknown to me (and I presume, to many other people) who would also find this post of immense value and interest. This is a fresh, new perspective not yet explored in art history. Looking forward to more posts!