Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Europe" meerschaum pipe (Vienna 1873)

This masterfully and intricately carved meerschaum pipe bowl was one of about 150 select pipes and cheroot holders on exhibit at Berlin's Schloss Britz Museum, titled "Tabak und Meerschaum. Die Weisse GÖTTIN, from May through September 2010. 

The only details available on this motif are, as noted: "Meerschaumpfeife: Thronende Europa, getragen von den vier Kontinenten, Wien um 1873 © Sammlung JTI/Austria Tabak" (Meerschaum pipe: Europe as representing the throne, supported or held high by four continents). This pipe bowl was made for and exhibited at the Weltausstellung (World Exhibition), Vienna, 1873.


Incised on one side is the word "Asien" (Asia). No doubt, as evidenced by the four high-relief-carved figures that circumscribe this bowl, etched elsewhere on the shank are the names of the other three continents.

Also on display at the World Fair was the masterpiece by J. N. Menhard of Wien.

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