Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brassens: Pipe Puffing Poet

Brassens (October 1921- October 1981) was a French poet, writer, composer and singer whose popularity grew exponentially during the third quarter of the twentieth century.

He is remembered for his humorous irreverence, his generosity, his love for his friends, his humanism and his visceral dislike for the bourgeoiserie.

octobre 1954 chez Polydor

Whether in a playful mood,


or engaged,

Brassens in 1962

or singing on stage, you could always catch him smoking a pipe.

Brassens recorded over 80 of his own songs between 1961 and 1971,

[France] 1961

La marche nuptiale 
[France] 1961
Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire
[France] mai 1962

Les 4 z’arts
[France] 1965

La non demande en mariage 1967 chez Philips

sometimes teaming up with with Charles Trenet, his mentor

or alone challenging the status quo with "Dying for ideas"

According to Gilbert Guyot, a contemporay pipe maker in Paris, this record published in 1965 generated an overwhelming demand from customers for "sandblasted straight chubby whistled mouthpiece pipes"...

septembre 1965

Away from the spotlight, Brassens loved to sit back with his pipe and his cat

 deep in thought,

or in a facetious mood...

Jean Ferrat, one of his close friend, wrote a song about Brassens.

In October of 1978, Brassens lost another very close friend, Jacques Brel.


Three years later, in October, Brassens passed away. He left a deep void among fans of all ages and a significant group of artists including Barbara, Georges Moustaki, Maxime Le Forestier, Pierre Perret and Yves Duteil who would keep his voice alive.


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