Saturday, December 6, 2014

Briar Pipes by Lester C. Garlow 1950

This briar pipe was crafted in the early 1950s by an American carver who signed his work "Garlow" and sold to collectors out of Wally Frank's Pipe Store in New York City.

He carved several interesting and unusual motifs, including western scenes, a seated gorilla, and a family of gorillas. All his available pipes were auctioned at the Park Bernet PB 84 auction in New York in 1978.

These are two more Garlow pieces from that PB 84 auction.



  1. Hello! I found your article whilst searching for Lester Garlow pipes. I actually have two of them, one with Indians and another with a gorilla family. As my grandfather passed these down to us, I'd like to know how or to whom I could sell these pieces. Any feedback or information is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Could you please send me photos of the two pipes at