Monday, April 13, 2015

Horse Cheroot Holders

This is a Gustav Fischer Sr. creation to honor Directum, the Trotter of the Year in 1918. As a six year old, Directum was the leading money winner with $13,217.00. The horse was owned by John W. Coggeshall of Providence, Rhode Island, whose name appears on a silver plaque on the carrying case.

(Courtesy of the US Tobacco Company Museum)

Admittedly, full body horses and horses' heads are both a commonplace theme for pipe carvers, but this is one of the more unusual configurations, that of two heads, rather than one.

From the Ludwig Hartmann catalog dated 1880,

Ludwig Hartmann Catalog ca 1880

This 2.5"  by 5.5" cheroot holder, of Viennese manufacture, captures the essence of a horse under stress,

 wonderfully smoked,

with ivory mouthpiece.

(Courtesy Private Collection)

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