Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Au Pacha Catalog 1880

It is difficult to conduct an accurate and complete audit trail for these small ateliers, but what we do know is that this firm changed hands on several occasions. For a time, it was known as Au Pacha, Fabrique de Pipes d'Écume, and then Maison Lenouvel, then M.M. Desbois & Weber Succ.; Desbois & Cheville

Two known addresses were Place de la Bourse 1 et 3; Succursale 12, Bd. des Capucines, Paris.

At the International Exposition of 1867 in Paris, called "Exposition universelle [d'art et d'industrie] de 1867", the Report of the International Jury offered the following assessment of Au Pacha:

"The former Lenouvel, currently MM. Desbois and Weber, known by their department store on the Place de la Bourse, have a very important exhibition of sculpture. Their mounts are also very remarkable works of jewelry, which harmonize perfectly with the beautiful pieces of amber that they presented."

(Photos courtesy of Bruno Desbois)

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  1. Back in the late 1980s, I visited the meerschaum pipe carvers in Kütahya Turkey on several occasions. The city is known for its fine traditional ceramics and its mines producing raw block meerschaum for pipes. At the time, good meerschaum was getting hard to find, but there was still some premium quality snowflake meerschaum for carving the best pipes available. As fascinating as the pipe carvers were, the pipe case makers, who individually formed these custom boxes, were equally interesting. Many of the forms shown in the French catalogue are still available and in production, at least when I was in Turkey. Thank you for posting the catalogue as I hadn’t known that some of the forms went back that early. This is important documentation for the collector.