Thursday, September 17, 2015

Briar Pipes by Pierre Muller

"Because the particular attraction for me always, and almost exclusively, lay in a chunky piece of Bruyère pipe giving rise to the noblest possible shape - from head to mouthpiece.

What has always mattered to me when making a pipe is primarily its entity, its holistic appearance from pipe bowl to mouthpiece, which for me does not represent a separate piece but part of the whole object, as well as contact with the pipe imparting a pleasant feel, that it sits perfectly in the hand. Besides the necessary good smoking properties, every pipe I make must fulfill a requirement: elegance and harmony in the overall picture."
                                                                                                            Pierre Muller

As David Lyndon observed in his article "Pipe without Peer" ("Hors Lignes" magazine , number 26, 1984, p. 49 ff):

Peter Pan

"It  starts with the search for the right briar burl."


"He studies the briar burl like a diamond cutter looking at a raw diamond." 


"When Muller has found the right briar burl with which to start he considers it for a long time."


"He holds it, he looks at the grain and he thinks about it."


"The rest of the work is done by hand", grinding discs and files.

Pure Sense

"When I make a pipe it is the grain which determines the ultimate shape. I cannot make two pipes alike. that would not be interesting. It is the exploration of that raw block of wood that I find interesting and exciting - never knowing quite how it is going to come out and then discovering the direction that nature has determined."   Pierre Muller


"Making a pipe takes Muller up to 60 hours of work."


"The pipe: - for me, this word has a particularly special connection to an especially beautiful object, bound up with the cherished memories and enjoyment of the present moment, that really only manifests itself through sensory experience, in thought and touch. My personal dedication to the pipe does not take a trivial form, since being able to enjoy it demands attention and concentration. And when I reserve part of my attention for it, relaxation is also added to the enjoyment. Above all the pipes that I enjoy in the evening endow me with an agreeable sense of peace, with the feeling of inner security and confidence."   Pierre Muller

Photos Courtesy Pierre Muller

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