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Posters and Pipes

Advertising poster by Rene Pean (Rene Louis Pean; 1875-1940) for Paris a Londres par Rouen, Dieppe et Newhaven - departs tous le jours de la Gare St Lazare - Chemins de Fer de l'Ouest et de Brighton / Paris to London via Rouen, Dieppe and Newhaven - train departures every day from Gare St Lazare - Western Railways (Chemins de fer de l'Ouest; 1855-1909) and Brighton (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway / LB&SCR / The Brighton Line; 1846-1922). Great image featuring a man smoking a pipe and holding a whip, sitting on top of a London horse drawn cab carriage with a blanket over his legs, with a street view leading towards silhouette buildings and St Paul's Cathedral in the background. France, 1900s
Dimensions: 102x67 centimetres.
Artist or Maker: Rene Pean

Advertising poster for Ster Tabak - Tabak der Sterren / Tobacco of the Stars - featuring an image of three Hollywood silent movie stars, including Harold Lloyd (1893-1971), smoking their pipes. Royal Theodorus Niemeyer was a Dutch tobacco manufacturer (founded 1819; now part of British American Tobacco). Belgium, 1920s
Dimensions: 61x45.5 centimetres.

CHARLES GESMAR (1900-1928) Size: 46 1/2 x 62 1/4 in./118.2 x 158 cm Imp. H. Chachoin, Paris Ooh, what is that you're smoking, mi'lady? One of the rarest of Gesmar’s designs for Mistinguett, this image shows her flirtatiously smoking a pearl-encrusted pipe, glancing coyly – or is that warily? – over her shoulder. She's shown in the "Bonjour Paris" revue of 1924-25. Gesmar also designed her costumes, beginning at the age of 16. (Art Deco; Entertainment; Artist: Gesmar) ca. 1924

Cunard cruise ship travel poster advertising Cunard Canadian Services - Golden Prospects - featuring a stunning image of a smiling couple looking out to sea from the deck of a ship, the lady wearing a hat and scarf billowing in the wind and the man wearing a cap and holding a pipe pointed towards clouds depicting the New World "golden prospects" that await them in Canada - farming, horses, grazing cattle, wheat harvesting, skiing, canoeing etc. Cunard Line was founded in 1840 when they also launched Britannia, their first Transatlantic liner that offered regular services across the Atlantic Ocean between the UK and Europe to America and Canada; they are now the only shipping company to still offer this regular passenger service between Europe and North America. UK, 1930s
Dimensions: 101x62 centimetres.

P&O cruise line poster advertising cruises To Australia for £37 one class service. Great image featuring a smiling man smoking a pipe and wearing a hat, pointing towards Australia and the sun on the horizon over fields and trees with stylized text above and information text below. Artwork by the British artist, Raphael T Roussel (1883-1967). UK, 1930s
Dimensions: 102x64.5 centimetres.

Travel advertising poster for the Sudbahnhotel in Semmering featuring a great Art Deco style image of people skiing down the slopes in front of the imposing grand hotel with snowy mountains on the horizon and snow topped trees on the sides with a group of skiers relaxing in the foreground, one man smoking a pipe and the others holding their wooden skis and poles. Artwork by the Austrian artist, Hermann Kosel (1896-1983). The Sudbahnhotel (South Railway Hotel) was opened in 1882 and is located in Semmering, a popular tourist destination noted for hiking, winter sports and spa. Austria, 1930s 

Travel advertising poster in Spanish for the Canary Islands / Islas Canarias edited and published by the General Direction of Tourism. Colourful illustration showing two hikers dressed in red, one standing with a walking stick and pointing towards the view and the other sitting on a rock and smoking a pipe looking at the mountains on the horizon, a cactus and tree in the foreground and the text below in stylised letters. Printed in Spain by I.G. Seix Barral HMS S.A., Barcelona. Spain, 1930s
Dimensions: 99.5x62 centimetres.

Travel advertising poster for the Simplon Railway Line - Switzerland, Ligne du Simplon. La plus directe et la plus pittoresque (the most direct and most picturesque). Fun image of a gentleman wearing a cap and smoking a pipe showing at the map of the train route connecting London, Paris, Vallorbe, Bordeaux, Marseilles, Fribourg, Bern, Lausanne, Aigle, Martigny, Bex, Sierre, Sion, Brigue, Geneva, Vevey and Montreux then through the Simplon tunnel to Domodossola, Milan, Venice, Genova, Rome, Sofia, Beograd, Bucharest, Athens, Istanbul, Alep, Baghdad, Jerusalem and Cairo with images of the mountains, churches, Lac Leman and the Pyramids. Printed by R Marsens, Lausanne, for Commission Romande de la Ligne du Simplon. Switzerland, 1951 100x64.5 centimetres.

Advertising poster in German for Gold Dollar cigarettes – The real seaman's blend / Gold Dollar Cigaretten – Das echte Seemannskraut. Great image showing a sailor in uniform walking along the docks carrying a bag and a bird cage with a smiling young lady walking beside him clutching his arm, an older sailor smoking a pipe and another sailor embracing a young lady behind them with sailing ships at sea and anchored in the background, inside a rope style border with a smaller image below featuring a man sitting on a cigarette packet playing music on an accordion and the text in stylised black, yellow and red letters. Germany, 1950s

Travel advertising poster in French: Bien-etre en Autriche (Well Being in Austria) featuring a colourful stylised image of a couple relaxing - the lady wearing a bright yellow top and the man wearing a red top and holding a smoking pipe - sitting on a bench inside a warm wooden chalet by the window with icicles hanging down from the top, looking out at a horse drawn carriage and skiers in front of a snowy village scene with a church spire in the middle and mountain peaks visible in the distance, the text below in stylised red letters. Printed in Austria for The Austrian Federal Government by Gistel & Cie., Vienna. Austria, 1950s
Dimensions: 95x63.5 centimetres. Artist or Maker: Atelier Koszler

Travel poster advertising New England by American Airlines. Great image featuring a plane flying by trees behind a white church and a sailing ship with a large anchor and sailor on board and a pipe smoking captain on the dock below with wooden boxes and fishing pots.USA, 1950s
Dimensions: 101.5x76.5 centimetres.
Artist or Maker: Ben Hill

Travel poster issued for the South African Travel Corporation featuring a fun and colourful image of a man wearing a hat and sunglasses, smoking a pipe and carrying a camera around his neck, holding a fishing rod with the bottom half of his body a fish and tail.  South Africa, 1950s
Dimensions: 101.5x64 centimetres.

British Railways travel advertising poster for Lewes the county town of East Sussex - go there by train - featuring a view down the high street in this ancient historical town located in South England. Colourful image with a scissor grinder wearing a hat and smoking a pipe on his work bike with more cyclists and pedestrians on the street and pavements behind him, two ladies pushing their prams, a truck negotiating a tight corner and medieval timber framed buildings and colourful buildings (possibly The Fifteenth Century Bookshop on the corner of the High Street and the cobbled Keere Street). Artwork by the notable British artist, Terence Cuneo (1907-1996), who was appointed the official artist at Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. Cuneo is most well known for his equestrian, military and railroad paintings (many of which were used as posters to promote British Railways). UK, 1955
Dimensions: 102x63.5 centimetres. Artist or Maker: Terence Cuneo

Argentina. Braniff International Airways. Circa 1955. Argentinian travel poster featuring a gaucho with a pipe and crop in his hands in a cattle ranch landscape. Braniff jet visible below gaucho. 26 x 20”.

BERNARD VILLEMOT (1911-1989) Size: 46 1/2 x 63 7/8 in./118.2 x 162.3 cm With a pitch-perfect feeling for the optimistic, whimsical zeitgeist of 1956, Villemot gives us a carnival of Tabalux tobacco rising up in an arc of cigarette smoke. Our floating fedora-fitted head, 'in the pink,' has a satisfied grin and saucer-eyes made out of pipe bowls too. 
Dimensions: 46 1/2 x 63 7/8 in./118.2 x 162.3 cm

Fix Masseau, Pierre. Air Auto Service. Air France. Paris: Courbet, 1958. A man with a briefcase, a jacket, and smoking a pipe while hailing a cab, a jet and car in background. 39 ¼ x 24 ½".

JEAN CARLU (1900-1997) Size: 24 1/2 x 39 1/4 in./62.3 x 99.6 cm Imp Courbet, Paris The travel poster for poster fans, made by a poster master. Jean Carlu, who received credit as an AD for the following Air France image, has all the icons in a motley of colors: Spanish guitar, Nordic fjords, a Greek amphora, a Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Bavarian stein and a smoking pipe... Interestingly, though, our poster-posting traveler atop the ladder is unrolling a blank slate. Time to try an off-the-wall idea... and explore Europe for real. (Aviation)
Dimensions: 24 1/2 x 39 1/4 in./62.3 x 99.6 cm Artist or Maker: JEAN CARLU (1900-1997) 1959

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