Monday, October 30, 2017

Posters, Pipes and Politics

Propaganda Posters UK Elections Blowing Bubbles Lloyd George. Cartoon image of David Lloyd George (1863-1945; Liberal politician, British Prime Minister 1916-1922), dressed as a clown blowing bubbles from a bowl marked Soft Soap with a pipe, the words Promises - Bluff - More Promises - Blarny rising as reflections inside the bursting bubbles and a quote "I am perpetually blowing bubbles" below. Artwork by the English illustrator and cartoonist, Leonard Raven-Hill (1863-1945). Published by Dobson Molle & Co. Ltd, St Clair Works, Edinburgh and St Steven's House, Westminster SW1. 1920s. Author: L Ravenhill. Size (cm): 76x50.5cm

We will conquer the drought. Stalin is in his white uniform smoking a pipe held in his left hand. He appears preoccupied and his eyes are focused on a part of the USSR suffering from the drought. He is holding a green pencil in his right hand and the green lines on the map indicate that a solution is being devised as we see...

The pipe in this poster is Harold Wilson's. Such was the Labour Prime Minister’s fame as a pipe smoker that in 1966 most British voters understood that the pipe stood for him

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