MUSEUMS WITH INTEREST IN TOBACCO
                                                          Compiled by Ben Rapaport
                                                                      (Fall 2010)

            The following is a list of museums (and other places) around the globe having a many tobacco-related relics, artifacts, and antiques, based on research to date.  I do not guarantee that (1) the museum is still open to the public or (2) items once cited as "tobacco" are still current holdings.  Where specific information has been provided to me by the museum's curator or by visitors, I have noted the holdings.  For German museums, I have extracted Billerbeck, Mit Rauchern lässt sich reden, published in 1993, a book that surveys German museums emphasizing tobacco-related artifacts.  In many cases, the address is not complete, so if you have corrections (or additions), I would certainly appreciate your input.  Keep this list and I hope it proves useful in your global travels. 

Sydney NSW1238                   Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street Ultimo, P.O. Box K346 Haymarket

8911 Admont:                            Heimatmuseum, Garbenteichring 325
6861 Alberschwende:                Heimatmuseum, Neues Arzthaus
6235 Alpach:                              Bergbauernmuseum, Unterberg 34
8671 Alpl:                                  Österreichisches Wundermuseum, Alpl 45
3300 Amstetten:                         Bauernmuseum, Gigerreith 30
2151 Asparn an der Zaya:         Weinlandmuseum, Asparn 240
4822 Bad Goisern:                     Heimatmuseum, Bad Goisern 725
4540 Bad Hall:                           Heimathaus Bad Hall
6900 Bregenz:                            Vorarlberger Landesmuseum, Kornmarkt 1
7000 Eisenstadt:                         Burgenländisches Landesmuseum, Museumgasse 1-5
6820 Frastanz:                            Tabakmuseum Frastanz, Sägenplatz 1 (Rathaus)
4240 Freistadt:                           Heimathaus
8280 Fürstenfeld:                       Museum Pfeilburg Fürstenfeld, Klostergasse 18
4210 Gallneukirchen:                Afrika-Museum, Marianhiller Missionhaus 
4810 Gmunden:                         Kammerhofmuseum, Kammerhofgasse 11
8342 Gnas:                                 Heimatmuseum, Hauptplatz 46
8010 Graz:                                  Joanneum, Rauberg 10
8541 Gressenberg:                     Heimatmuseum, Gressenberg 230
2410 Hainburg an der Donau    Stadtmuseum Wienertor
7522 Heiligenbrunn:                  Freilichtmuseum, Heiligenbrunn 228
2171 Herrnbaumgarten:             Ortsmuseum, Hauptstrasse 39
5731 Hollersbach:                      Heimatmuseum
6460 Imst:                                   Heimatmuseum, Ballgasse 1
6020 Innsbruck:                          Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum, Universitätsstrasse 2,
9981 Kals:                                   Heimatmuseum, Grossglockner
9021 Klagenfurt:                         Landesmuseum, Museumgasse 2
3400 Klosterburg:                       Stadtmuseum, Schiessstattgasse 2
2821 Lanzenkirchen:                  Bauernmuseum, Hauptstrasse 5
9900 Lienz:                                 Museum der Stadt, Sch`nherr Strasse 1
3180 Lilienfeld:                          Bezirksheimatmuseum, Babenbergstrasse 3
4020 Linz:                                   Francisco Carolinum Landesmuseum,  Museumstrasse 14
2233 Marchegg:                          Jagdmuseum, Schloss Marchegg
7072 Mörbisch:                           Heimathaus, Hauptstrasse 55
8762 Oberzeiring                        Tabakmuseum, Hauptstrasse 17
2380 Perchtoldsdorf:                   Rathaus, Marktplatz 8
2511 Pfaffenstätten:                     Heimatmuseum, J. Dolp Strasse 1
2170 Poysdorf:                            Museum der Stadt, Brünnerstrasse
6991 Riezlern:                             Walsermuseum, Schlossweg 6
5010 Salzburg:                            Museum Carolino Augusteum, Museumsplatz 6
8811 Scheifling                         Pfeifenmuseum Scheifling, Bahnhofstrasse 161
4300 St. Valentin:                        Heimatmuseum, Hauptplatz 9
8510 Stainz:                                 St. Landesmuseum Joanneum, Schloss Stainz
4400 Steyr:                                  Heimathaus, Grünmarkt 26
3430 Trautenfels im Ennstal:      Landesmuseum
3430 Tulln:                                  Heimatmuseum, Wiener Strasse 24
9100 Volkermarkt:                      Stadtmuseum, Faschinggasse 1
4600 Wels:                                  Stadtmuseum, Pollheimerstrasse 17
1070 Wien:                                 Art Cult Center im Museumsquartier (MQ), 
                                                    Tabakmuseum, Mariahilfer Strasse 2
(The old AT Tabakmuseum under a new name reopened on June 9, 2001; closed again in 2002; reopened in Fall 2003; closed permanently, Winter 2003)
1130 Wien:                                Schloss Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schloss-Strasse
                                                   (assumed the Austria Tabak Collection as of January 2005)                                   
1010 Wien:                                Museum für Volkerkunde, Neue Burg (African pipes)

5300 Andenelle:                        Musée Piperie Léonard, Rue Cuvelier 5
5220 Andenne and Namur:       Musée Communal de la Céramique d'Andenne, 29, rue Charles-Lapierre (clay                                                    tobacco pipemaker's workshop)
8000 Bruges:                             Steddelijk Museum voor Volkskunde, Rolweg 40
1210 Brussels:                           Musée du Feu, rue Simons, 23
9500 Geraardsbergen:               Sigarenmuseum in de Abdij van Geraardsbergen, Abdijstraat 10
9000 Ghent:                               Museum voor Volkskunde, Kraanlei 63/65m (tobacco pipe display)
9500 Geraardsbergen:               Sigarenmuseum Abdij van Geraardsbergen, Abdijstraat 10 
8530 Harelbeke:                        Stedelijk Museum voor Pijp en Tabak, Markstraat 100
4000 Liege:                               Musée de la Vie Wallonne, Cour des Mineurs (clay pipes)
7700 Mouscron:                        Musée Communal du Folklore Leon Maes
7450 Nimy:                                Musée du Vieux-Nimy, Rue Mouzin 31
6900 Saint-Hubert:                    Musée de la Vie Rurale en Wallonie
     Tervuren (Brabant):              Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, 13, Steenweg op Leuven (African pipes)
9100 Sint-Niklaas:                     Historisch Pijp- en Tabaksmuseum, Regentiestraat 29
5550 Vresse-sur-Semois:           Musée du Tabac et du Folklore, Rue Albert Raty, 112
8940 Wervik:                              Nationaal Tabaksmuseum Brikkenmolen, Koestraat 63, Stadthuis B (tobacco                                                     manufacturing equipment, advertising, antique pipes)
Sao Paulo:                                  Museu Brasileiro do Cachimbo, Av.Morumbi, 9411 sl. 21

Varna:                                         National Museum

CAMEROON                           Musée de Fouban

British Columbia VOT 1S1:     Haida Gwaii Museum, RR 1, Second Beach Road, Skidegate 
                                                    (argillite & clay pipes)                     
British Columbia:                       Provincial Museum (argillite pipes)
British Columbia V6J 1A3:       Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue (Argillite pipes)
Calgary, Alberta T2G OPL:       Glenbow Museum, 130 9th Avenue SE and 1st Street SE 
                                                    (Glenbow Collection of Haida argillite pipes)
Delhi, Ontario N4B 2A2:           Ontario Tobacco Museum and Heritage Centre, 200 Talbot Road (Highway 3), Box 182
Edmonton, Alberta T5N OM6:  Provincial Museum of Alberta, 12845 102d Avenue (Indian pipes)
Manitoba:                                    Hudson's Bay Company Museum, Lower Fort Garry National Historic Park                                                      (argillite pipes)
Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0M8:    Canadian Museum of Civilization, 100 Laurier Street (Ontario smoking pipes)
Ottawa, Ontario:                          National Museum of Man (argillite pipes)
Québec, Montréal H3C 2Y9:      David M. Stewart Museum, Le Vieux Fort-Île Sainte-Hélène, C.P. 1024,
                                                      Succursale 'A,' (artifacts from the former president of MacDonald Tobacco,                                                        including pipes, cigarette packages, 54 cigar-store figures, tobacco advertising)
Québec, Montréal H3A 1E9:      McCord Museum, 690 Sherbrooke Street West (North American Indian and                                                       argillite pipes)
Québec, Montréal H4C 1B5:      Borkum Riff Pipe Collection, Imperial Tobacco Products Ltd., 3860 St.                                                       Antoine Street, Toronto, Ontario N9A 6T8: Art Gallery of Windsor, 
                                                      445 Riverside Drive West (W.R. Campbell Collection of 114 original 
                                                     watercolor  and mixed media designs for cigar box labels)
Québec, Montréal H2Y 1C5:      Chateau Ramezay Museum, 280 Notre-Dame Street (1 cigar-store figure)
Québec, Québec, G1R 5H3        Musée du Québec, Parc des Champs-de-Bataille (3 cigar-store figures)
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C6:        Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen's Park (argillite pipes)

CHINA                                      Tobacco Museum, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Rovinj:                                      Tobacco factory museum, Obala Vladimira Nazora 1
Zagreb:                                      Kunst- und Arbeitsmuseum, Trg. M. Tita 10

Havana:                                     Cigar Museum, Mercaderes No. 120, e/Obispo y Obrapia, Habana Vieja

Javornik:                                    Château Jansky Vrch (wood, porcelain, and clay pipes)
Kutná Hora                                Tobacco Museum (Tabákové Muzeum)
Prosec u Skutce:                        City Museum (Městské Muzeum) (wood pipes)
Trebic:                                        Regional Museum (Západomoravské Muzeum), Zamek Str. 1

4140 Borup:                               Stanwell A/S Pipe Museum
1260 Copenhagen:                     Kunstindustrimuseet, 68 Bredgade
1160 Copenhagen:                     W.Ø. Larsen Pibe Museum and Library, Amagertorv 9 (the most popular
                                                    stop in Denmark for pipe-smoking tourists)
         Frederiksberg:                   Storm Petersen Museum, Frederiksberg Runddel
7500 Holstebro:                         Holstebro Museum, Museumvej 1, Jutland (said to be the largest pipe                                                     collection in Europe)
2970 Hørsholm:                       Dansk Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseum, Folehavevej 15-17
3630 Jaegerpris:                          Jaegerpris Slot (King Frederik VII's palace)
2860 Soborg:                              Skandanavisk Tobakskompagni A/S, Tobaksvejen 4

ESTONIA                                 Estonian National Museum (Eesti Rahva Muuseum), Veski 32, Tartu, 51054

00100 Helsinki 10:                      Nationalmuseum, Mannerheimintie 34 (argillite pipes)
68600 Jakobstad (Pietarsaari):   Museum of Jakobstad, The Tobacco Museum, Isokatu 4 (displays the local                                                   tobacco industry between 1762-1998. Special-line articles, tobacco machines                                                   and a large collection of pipes from around the world)
80100 Abbeville:                        Musée Boucher-de-Perthes, 24, rue Gomtier-Patin
49000 Angers:                            Musée Archéologique Saint-Jean
      Angoulême:                          Musée Municipal
84000 Avignon:                          Musée Calvet, 65 rue Joseph Vernet
21200 Beaune:                            Musée des Beaux Arts
60000 Beauvais:                         Musée Dèpartemental de l'Oise, 1, rue du Musée
24100 Bergerac:                         Musée d'Intérêt National du Tabac, Maison Peyrarède, Place-du-Feu 
                                                    (Museum of Anthropology of Tobacco)
44130 Blain:                               Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires du Pays de Blain, 2 Place Jean Guihard
76116 Blainville-Crevon:         Village d'art et de culture, (Collection Anatole Jakovsky)
14000 Caen:                               Musée de Normandie, Chateau de Caen
06400 Cannes:                            Musée Municipal
73000 Chambery:                       Musée Archéologique et d'Histoire
28000 Chartres:                          Musée Municipal
36000 Chateauroux:                   Musée Municipal
21400 Chatillon s/Seine:            Musée Municipal
63000 Clermont Ferrand:           Musée du Ranquet, 1 Petite rue Saint-Pierre
68000 Colmar:                            Musée Unterlinden
76200 Dieppe(Seine-Maritime):Château Musée Municipal de Dieppe, rue de Chastes            
91410 Dourdan:                          Musée Municipal du Chateau de Dourdan, Place du General de Gaulle (tobacco                                                      jars)
28103 Dreux Cedex:                   Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Marcel Dessal, 2 rue de Châteaudun, B.P. 129 
                                                     (the pipe collections of Igor Smirnoff and his sister, Olga Boundass)
84000 Grasse:                              Bibliothèque Municipale, Boulevard Antoine Maure (Collection of approx.                                                       450 pipes belonging to la Baronne Alice de Rothschild)
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux         Musée Municipal
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay:              Musée Crozatier
59000 Lille:                                  Musée des Beaux Arts, Place de la République
69001 Lyons:                                Musée Municipal
69001 Lyons:                                Musée Edouard Herriot, Hôtel de Ville
           Lyons:                                Musée des Missions Africains
13001 Marseille:                           Musée Borely
13001 Marseille:                           SEITA (Jance Collection of pipes)
41130 Meusnes:                            Musée de la Pierre à Fusil, Mairie de Meusnes
82000 Montauban:                       Musée Ingres, 19, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
42600 Montbrisson:                     Musée d'Allard, 13, Boulevard de la Prefecture
03000 Moulins:                            Musée Municipal
68100 Mulhouse:                         Musée Historique
24400 Mussidan:                         Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires du Perigord, Docteur André                                                       Voulgher, 2, rue Raoul Grassin
58000 Nevers:                             Musée Municipal
06000 Nice (Alpes-Maritime):   Musée Palais Massena, 65, rue de France
30000 Nîmes:                              Musée du Vieux Nîmes, Place aux Herbes   
36400 Nohant:                            Musée Georges Sand
75001 Paris:                                Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Pavillon de Marsan, Musée du Louvre, 107-109                                                      rue de Rivoli
75003 Paris:                                Musée Carnavalet, 23 rue de Sevigne
75004 Paris:                                Bibliothèque Forney, Hôtel de Sens, 1, rue du Figuer
75005 Paris:                                Musée de Cluny, 24 rue Sommerard
75007 Paris:                                Musée Galleria de la SEITA, 12 rue Surcouf (finest tobacco museum in France) (scheduled to be closed, Fall 2000; items sold at auction in Sep-Oct 2009)
75011 Paris:                                Musée du Fumeur, 7, rue Pache    
75084 Paris:                                Bibliothèque Nationale, Cabinet des Estampes, 58, rue Richelieu
75116 Paris:                                Musée de l'Homme, Palais de Chaillot, Place du Trocadero (argillite pipes)
75116 Paris:                                Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires, 
                                                     6 Avenue de Mahatma Ghandi        
75116 Paris:                                Musée Guimet, 6 Place l'Iena
           Paris:                                Musée des Arts d’Afrique et d’Oceanie
           Paris:                                Musée Draper
35000 Rennes:                            Musée de Bretagne
42300 Roanne:                           Musée l'Heure et le Feu, Mairie de Villerest
76000 Rouen:                             Musée des Antiquites
76000 Rouen:                             Musée le Ferronnerie, le Secq des Tournelles, 2, rue Jacques Villon                                                     (iron smoking implements & accessories)
39200 Saint-Claude (Jura):        Musée de la Pipe et du Diamant (Confrérie des Mâitres Pipiers de                                                      Saint-Claude), 1bis, rue Gambetta 45
39200 Saint-Claude (Jura):        Musée Chacom, 4, rue des Etapes
39200 Saint-Claude (Jura):        Musée du Tuyau de Pipe en Corne, 65 Grand Rue Cinquétral
39200 Saint Denis:                     Musée Municipal
38590 Saint-Etienne de              Musée Mandrin - Salle Albert Blain Saint Geoirs:             
Saint Germain en Laye:              Musée Municipal
35400 Saint-Malo:                      Musée Municipal, Château de Saint-Malo
62500 Saint Omer(Pas-de-Calais): Musée de l'Hôtel Sandelin, 14, rue Carnot 
                                                          (approx. 2,000 Dumeril-Leurs clay pipes)
34200 Sete:                                 Musée Municipal
92310 Sevres:                             Musée National de la Céramique, Place de la Manufacture
67000 Strasbourg:                       Musée Alsacien, Marie de Strasbourg
67000 Strasbourg:                       Musée des Arts Decoratifs
37000 Tours:                               Musée du Compagnonnage, Cloitre Saint-Julien, 8, rue Nationale
30700 Uzes:                                Musée Municipal et Office Culturel de Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie,                                                       Ancien Eveche                           
52000 Aachen:                            Förderkreis Historische Aachener Technik e.V., Postfach, c/o Herr Thelen
52066 Aachen:                            Museum Burg Frankenberg, Bismarkstrasse 68
74740 Adelsheim:                       Bauländer Museum, Schlossgasse 14
53518 Adenau:                            Heimatmuseum Adenau, Am Kirchplatz 2
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz:        Erzgebirgsmuseum Annaberg, Grosse Kirchgasse 16
64732 Bad König:                       Heimatmuseum Bad König, Schlossplatz 6 
97616 Bad Neustadt/Saale:         Deutsches Pfeifenmuseum Bad Neustadt, z.Z. Postfach
32545 Bad Oeynhausen:             Museumshof Oeynhausen,Schützenstrasse 35a         
96047 Bamberg:                          Karl-May-Museum, Hainstrasse 11
10179 Berlin:                               Märkisches Museum, Am Köllnischen Platz 5         
10785 Berlin:                               Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen, Preussischer Kulturbesitz,                                                       Tiergartenstrasse 6
10969 Berlin 61:                          Berlinmuseum, Lindenstrasse 14
12557 Berlin:                               Kunstgewerbemuseum der Staatlichen Museen Berlin, Schloss Köpenick
64404 Bickenbach/Bergstr.:        Heimatmuseum Bickenbach, Darmstädter Strasse (Am Marktplatz)
38100 Braunschweig:                  Städtisches Museum Braunschweig, Am Löwenwall
28195 Bremen 1:                         Übersee-Museum, Bahnhofsplatz 13
28213 Bremen 1:                         Bremer Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Fockemuseum),                                                       Schwachhauser Heerstrasse 240
59929 Brilon:                               Stadtmuseum Haus Henning, Heinrich-Jansen-Weg 6W
74722 Buchen/Odenwald:          Bezirksmuseum Buchen, Kellereistrasse 25/29
32257 Bünde:                              Deutsches Tabak- und Zigarrenmuseum, Fünfhausener Strasse 12
09113 Chemnitz:                         Schlossberg-Museum Chemnitz, Salzstrasse 65
03052 Cottbus:                            Bezirksmuseum Cottbus, Schloss Branitz
36466 Dermbach:                        Kreisheimatmuseum Dermbach, Bahnhofstrasse 16
01325 Dresden:                           Museum für die Geschichte der Stadt Dresden, Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse 20
01326 Dresden:                           Museum für Kunsthandwerk Dresden, Schloss Pillnitz
01328 Dresden:                           Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Porzellansammlung Zwinger
37115 Duderstadt:                       Heimatmuseum Duderstadt, Bei der Oberkirche 3
40213 Düsseldorf:                       Hetjens-Museum Düsseldorf, Schulstrasse 4
16325 Eberswalde-Finow:          Stadt- und Kreismuseum Eberswalde, Kirchstrasse 80
94258 Frauenau:                          Glasmuseum Frauenau, Am Museumsplatz 1           
17098 Friedland:                          Heimatmuseum Friedland, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 10
76726 Germerscheim:                  Heimatmuseum Germerscheim, Ludwigstor Festung
35390 Giessen:                             Oberhessisches Museum und Gail'sche Sammlungen, Brandplatz,
                                                       Altes Schloss
37073 Göttingen:                          Städtisches Museum Göttingen, Ritterplan 78
94481 Grafenau:                           Schnupftabakmuseum Grafenau, Spital Strasse 6 (Verwaltung Spechtweg 3)
83224 Grassau:                             Wlach, Josef-Porzellanpfeifen, Bahnhofstrasse 92
57627 Hachenburg:                      Landschaftsmuseum Westerwald, Im Burggarten
58041 Hagen-Selbecke:               Westfälisches Freilichtmuseum, Mäckingerbach
20099 Hamburg:                          Museum für Kunst- und Gewerbe, Steintorplatz
21073 Hamburg:                          Hamburger Museum für Archäologie und die Geschichte, Harburgs—Helms                                                       Museum, Museumsplatz
20255 Hamburg:                          Altonaer Museum, Norddeutsches Landesmuseum, Museumsstrasse 23
20255 Hamburg:                         Museum (Sammlung) Gerd Jansen, Methfesselstrasse 86
20355 Hamburg:                         Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, Holstenwall 24
20457 Hamburg:                         Deutsches Zollmuseum, Alter Wandrahm 15 a-16
22605 Hamburg:                         Tabakhistorische Sammlung Reemtsma, Parkstrasse 51 (Closed, Fall 2000;   
                                                     gifted in 2007 to Museum der Arbeit, Wiesendamm 3, 22305 Hamburg)
63457 Hanau:                             Museum Grossauheim, Pfortenwingert 4
91217 Hersbruck:                        Deutsches Hirtenmuseum, Eisenhüttlein 7   
68766 Hockenheim:                    Tabakmuseum der Stadt Hockenheim, Obere Hauptstrasse 8
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen:          Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Lindenstrasse
25813 Husum:                            Spielzeug- und Tabakmuseum Helmut Schwermer, Wasserreihe 52
58636 Iserlohn:                           Stadtmuseum Iserlohn, Fritz-Kühn-Platz 1       
76870 Kandel/Pfalz:                   Pfälzisches Tabakbauernmuseum "Bienwaldmuseum," Hauptstrasse 61
76689 Karlsdorf-Neuthard:        Heimatmuseum Karlsdorf "Altes Rathaus"  
56349 Kaub:                               Museum der Stadt Kaub, Blüchermuseum, Metzgergasse 6
47623 Kevelaer:                          Niederrheinisches Museum für Völkerkunde und Kulturgeschichte,                                                      Hauptstrasse 18
56077 Koblenz:                           Landesmuseum Koblenz, Festung Ehrenbreitstein, Hohe Ostfront
89129 Langenau:                         Heimatmuseum Langenau, Kirchgasse 4
98724 Lauscha:                           Museum für Glaskunst Lauscha, Oberlandstrasse 10
26789 Leer/Ostfriesland:            Museum Haus Samson, Rathausstrasse 16-18          
32757 Lemgo:                             Museum für Stadt- und Rechtsgeschichte, Hexenbürgermeisterhaus, 
                                                     Breite Strasse 19      
64653 Lorsch:                             Tabakmuseum Lorsch, Altes Rathaus, Nibelungenstrasse 35
77972 Mahlberg:                         Oberrheinisches Tabakmuseum, Kirchstrasse 4 
25704 Meldorf/Holst:                  Dithmarscher Landesmuseum, Bütjestrasse 42 
47441 Moers:                              Grafschafter Museum Moers, Moerser Schloss, Kastell 9
80331 München 1:                      Münchner Stadtmuseum, St. Jacobsplatz 1  
           Münster-Hiltrup:              Museum für Lackkunst, Glasuritstrasse
86633 Neuburg/Donau:              Heimat- und Stadtmuseum Neuburg, Amalienstrasse A19
15320 Neutrebbin:                      Tabakmuseum Wuschewier, Dorfstrasse 26
93149 Nittenau:                           Stadmuseum Nittenau, Gerichtstrasse 13     
99734 Nordhausen:                     Meyenburg-Museum, A.Pushkin-Strasse 31
99734 Nordhausen:                     Tabakspeicher Norhausen, Bäckerstrasse 20  
97656 Oberelsbach:                    Deutsches Tabakpfeifen-Museum, Valentin-Ratgeber-Haus, Marktplatz  3         
87561 Oberstdorf:                       Heimatmuseum Oberstdorf, Oststrasse 13   
76684 Oederan:                           Heimatmuseum Oederan, Pfarrgasse 5
76684 Oestringen:                       Heimatmuseum Oestringen, Hangstrasse 100           
26122 Oldenburg:                        Landesmuseum Oldenburg/Old., Schlossplatz 26                                         
27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck:    Kreisheimatmuseum, Börderstrasse 42
93047 Regensburg:                      Museum der Stadt Regensburg, Dachauplatz 24                                           
68799 Reilingen:                         Heimatmuseum Reilingen, Hauptstrasse 16
26817 Rhauderfehn:                    Deutsches Aschenschalenmuseum, Rhauderfehn-Westwieke 72
18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten:          Bernstein-Museum, Ribnitz-Damgarten im Kloster 12
99842 Ruhla:                               Heimatmuseum Ruhla, Obere Lindenstrasse 29/31
83324 Ruhpolding:                      Bartholomäus-Schmücker-Heimatmuseum im Herzogl. Jagdschloss zu                                                       Ruhpolding, Schlossstrasse 2
86941 Sankt Ottilien:                   Missionsmuseum
24837 Schleswig:                         Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf
92538 Schönsee/Oberpfalz:         Dr. Lindgens-Jagdmuseum
16303 Schwedt/Oder:                   Stadtmuseum Schwedt, Am Markt 4
16303 Schwedt:                           Tabakmuseum Vierraden, Breite Strasse 14
19061 Schwerin-Muess:              Freilichtmuseum Mecklenburgische Volkskunde, Alte Crivitzer, Landstrasse 2
67346 Speyer:                              Historische Museum der Pfalz, Domplatz 6
70114 Stuttgart:                            Lindenmusem Stuttgart, Hegelplatz
97941 Tauberbischhofsheim:      Tauberfränkisches Landschaftsmuseum, Schlossplatz 7
83308 Trostberg:                          Städtisches Heimatmuseum Trostberg, Schedling 911
29525 Uelzen:                              Heimatmuseum Uelzen, Schloss Holdenstedt
97215 Uffenheim:                        Heimatmuseum Uffenheim, Schlossplatz 3  
89073 Ulm/Donau:                      Ulmer Museum, Marktplatz 9
37170 Uslar:                                 Heimatmuseum Uslar
27283 Verden/Aller:                     Heimatmuseum Verden, Untere Strasse 13  
08396 Waldenburg/Sachsen:       Heimatmuseum und Naturalienkabinett, Waldenburg, 
                                                      Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1           
37213 Witzenhausen:                   Völkerkundliches Museum Witzenhausen, Steinstrasse 19
94227 Zwiesel:                             Waldmuseum Zwiesel, Stadtplatz 29

Accra:                                          Ghana Museum (Ashanti pipes and pipe bowls)

Kavala                                         The Tobacco Museum of Kavala, Paleologos 4, 65 403,

1088 Budapest:                          Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum (National Museum), Museum-krt 14-16
3301 Eger:                                 Dobo Istvan Varmuzeum (Fortress d'Eger), Var 1 (> 10,000 pipes)
7935 Ibafa:                                 Pipamúzeum, Arany János u. 2 (old clay & meerschaum pipes)
2766 Tápíoszele (Pest)            Blaskovich Mansion Museum, Múzeum út 13

Reykjavik:                                 National Museum of Iceland, Sudurgata 41, P.O. Box 1489
Reykjavik:                                 Friluftsmuseum

Dublin 4:                                   The Chester Beatty Library and Gallery of Oriental Art, 20 Shrewsbury Road                                                     (snuff bottles)
Dublin 2:                                    Museum of the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street (pipes, pipe stoppers, pipe                                                     cases)
21026 Gavirate:                        Primo Museo Italiano della Pipa, Via del Chiostro 1/3 (the private collection of                                                    J.P.M. Alberto Paronelli [deceased])
            Milan:                           Savinelli Pipe Collection
41000 Modena 10:                   Claudio Rebecci Tobacco Museum, P.O. Box 5 (cigarette pack art)
00144 Rome:                            Museo Preistorico ed. Etnografico Luigi Pigorini, Viale Lincoln 1
21020 Brebbia (Varese):           Pipe Brebbia Museum, Via Piave 21

IVORY COAST                      Musée National d’Abidjan

Tokyo 150:                                Tobacco and Salt Museum, 1-16-8, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 110:                                National Museum (Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan), 13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku
Tokyo 194:                                Machida City Museum, 3562 Honmachida, Machida (snuff bottles)
Tokyo:                                      Tenri Gallery, 1-9 Kanda-Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku
Tsubame:                                  Tsubame Sangyo Shiryo-kan (Industrial Museum of Tsubame), Annex: Yatate
                                                  Kiseru Kan/Maruyama Collection, 4330-1Ohmagari,Tsubame-shi, Niigata
                                                  Prefecture 59-12

LUXEMBOURG                  Musées de l'Etat, Marche-aux-Poissons
                                                 Maison S. Heintz van Landewyck, S.A.R.L., 31, rue de Hollerich (manufacturer)

7500 Prilep                             Tobacco Museum, Kicevski pat bb (on display Russian tsar Nikolai Romanov's                                               chibouk and Queen Anna of Austria's tobacco pipe, as well as various cigarette                                               cases and other smoking artifacts that belonged to European royals)

Mexico 5:                               Museo Nacional de Antropología, Calzada de la Milla (prehistoric pipes)

7121 CS Aalten:                     Museum Fredrikshuus (horn pipe stem-making tools)
3958 CP Amerongen:             Amerongs Tabaksmuseum, Burgemeester H. van de Boschstraat 46 
3811 BC Amersfoort:           Museum Flehite, Westsingel 50 
1092 AD Amsterdam:             Tropenmuseum, Mauritskade 63 (ethnographic pipes)
1017 KH Amsterdam:             Amsterdam Pipe Museum (a.k.a. Pijpenkabinet), Prinsengracht 488
6816 SJ   Arnhem:                   Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Schelmseweg 89 (clay wedding pipes)
9400 AC Assen:                       Drents Museum (tobacco boxes, pipe cases)
2613 CR Delft:                        Tabaks Historisch Museum Delft, van Bossestraat 4
               Eersel:                     Streekmuseum “De Acht Zaligheden,” Kapelweg 2
             Enkhuizen:                   Zuiderzeemuseum (pipes, other tobacco items)
9711 HZ Groningen:                Niemeyer Tabaksmuseum, Brugstraat 24-26 (excellent array of antiquariana)
2800 BB Gouda:                      Het Stedelijk Pijpen- en Aardwerkmuseum “de Moriaan,” Westhaven 29                                                    (tobacco shop & items related to the Pipemaker's Guild)
1621 KV Hoorn:                      Westfries Museum, Rode Steen 1
8500 AB Joure:                        Museum Joure, Johannes Hesselhuis, Geelgieterstraat 1-11 (general view of                                                    smoking)
8261 GR  Kampen:                Het Kamper Tabaksmuseum, Botermarkt 3
8911 KT Leeuwarden:             Fries Museum, Turfmarkt 24 (old tobacco shop)
2300 AE Leiden:                      Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Steenstraat 1, Postbus 212 (ethnographical                                                    pipes)
5670 AA Neunen:                     Lighter Museum Holland, P.O. Box 27
                Roosendaal:               Museum De Ghulden Roos, Molenstraat 2
                Steenwijk:                  Oudheidkamer Steenwijk, Markt 64
3532 AD Utrecht:                      Douwe-Egbert's Museum, Vleutensevaart 35 (now a part of the Pijpenkabinet in                                                    Amsterdam)
5554 AG Valkenswaard:         Valkerij en Sigarenmakerij Museum, Oranje Nassaustraat 8b
                Veenendaal:             Museum Het Klein Veenloo, Markt 10                                          
                 Wasian:                     Het Wase Pijprokerssalon
6001 AJ  Weert:                      Museum Tiendschuur, Recollectenstraat 5a 
6901 BE  Zevenaar:                Liemers Museum, Stationsplein 4  

Lagos:                                       Nigerian Ethnographical Museum (brass and bronze pipes)
Lagos:                                       National Museum

Lillehamer:                                de Sandvigske Samlinger, Maihaugen
Oslo:                                         Tiedemann’s Tobak

36-200 Brzozow:                         Muzeum Regionale (wooden pipes)
            Chelm:                              Muzeum (ethnographic pipes)
80-835 Gdansk:                           Centrale Muzeum Morskie, ul Szeroka 67/68 (clay and wood pipes)
74-300 Mysliborz:                       Muzeum Regionale (old clay pipes)
37-700 Przemyślu                        Museum of Bells and Pipes, Wladycze 3


Caguas, 00726:                         Grillo
Museo del Tabaco Herminio Grillo,
Calle Betances #87, esq.



Constanta                                   Museum for National History and Archaeology (Muzeul de Istorie Naţionalǎ şi
                                                    Arheologie Constanţa)
Kaliningrad 236016:                    Amber Museum, 1, Marshal Vasilevsky Square
St. Petersburg 190000:                 State Hermitage Museum, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 34      

Aberdeen AB9 1FX1:                   Aberdeen University Anthropological Museum (argillite pipes)
Edinburgh EH8 8DD:                    Huntly House, 142 Canongate (reconstructed workshop of William                                                         Christie, Leith clay pipe factory)
Edinburgh EH2 1JD:                     Scotttish National Museum of Antiquities, 1 Queen Street (clay tobacco pipes)
Glasgow G40 1AT:                        People’s Palace, Glasgow Green (collection of clay pipes)
Kirkcudbright:                                The Stewarty Museum, St. Mary Street 
                                                        (tobacco boxes, snuff boxes and mulls, pipes)
Perth PH1 5LB:                              Museum and Art Gallery, 78 George Street (contents of the shop 
                                                        and workshop of Rattray's Tobacconist, 160 High St.)

Dakar:                                             Museum of the Institute Fondamental d’Afrique Noire (I.F.A.N.)


Belgrade:                                    Tito's tomb,Kuci Cveca(the House of Flowers), Uzick 15, in the Dedinje
Novi Sad:                                   Nova Sad City Museum, Petrovaradin Fortress, Tvrdjava 4, 
                                                   21131 Petrovaradin (c. 2,000 assorted antique pipes)   


Banska Stiavnica:                        Mining Museum
Bratislava:                                    National Museum of Slovakia


SI-1001 Ljubljana                      City Museum of Ljubljana, Tobacco Museum (Mestni muzej Ljubljana, Tobačni
                                                 mu Tobačna 5; permanent display: the history of tobacco and industrial tobacco 

Cape Town:                                South African Museum (Native snuff boxes and pipes)

Ampurias:                                    Museo Municipal
Andorra:                                      Meseu del Tabac/Museo del Tabaco (Antigua Fábrica Reig)
08002 Barcelona:                        Museo Federico Marès, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Plaza de Sant Iu, 5-6 
Barcelona:                                    Museo Etnologico
28040 Madrid:                             Museo del Pueblo Español, Avenida Juan de Herrera 2, Ciudad Universitaria
Palamos:                                      Museo del Mar (clay pipes)
San Feleu                                     Museo Muncipal (clay pipes)

Jonkoping:                                 The Match Museum, STAB, The Swedish Match Company, V Storgatan 18
11526 Stockholm:                      Svenska Tobaks & Tändsticksmuseum Gubbhyllan, Skansen (4- level museum
                                                    with a theater, displays, antiques)
Stockholm:                                 Nordiska Museet, Djurgardsvngen 6-16

5737 Menziken:                          Tabak- und Zigarrenmuseum Aargau Süd, Gütschstrasse 6
3000 Berne 6:                             Bernischen Historischen Museum in Schloss Oberhofen, Helvetiaplatz 5                                                      (Baron de Watteville Collection of antique pipes)
         Boudry:                              Musée de l'Areuse
         Bulle:                                  Musée Gruerien
         Burgdorf:                            Sammlung für Völkerkunde
         Coire:                                  Musée Rhetique
1206 Geneva:                              Collections Alfred et Eugenie Bauer-Duret, 8 rue Munier-Romilly
1211 Geneva 3:                           Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, rue Charles Galland
         Geneva:                              Musée Barbier-Mueller (African pipes)
1005 Lausanne:                        Galerie du Coq Muet, 7 Rue de l’Academie (closed)
5737 Menziken                         Tabak- und Zigarren Museum, Gütschstrasse 6
2006 Neuchatel:                          Musée d'Ethnographie, 4 rue St. Nicolas
2000 Neuchatel:                          Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Quai Leoplod Robert
         Neuchatel:                          Fabriques de Tabac Reunies
         Reinach:                             Tabak-& Cigarren-Museum, Sonnenweg 5
8023 Zürich:                               Musée National Suisse, Museumstrasse 2   
         Zürich:                               Museum Rietburg (African pipes)                                                  

Taipei:                                         National Palace Museum, Wai-Shuang-Hsi, Shih-Lin (snuff bottles)


57150 Chiang Rai Province     House of Opium Museum, 212 Moo.1 (Sobruak Village)
Tumbon Wiang, 
                                                 Umpoe Chi Sean


Eskisehir:                                    Lület Tasi Müzesi, (Yunus Emre Kültür Sarayi)
Istanbul:                                      Topkapi Museum in Sultan's Palace

Aberdeen:                                   University Anthropological Museum, Broad Street 
                                                    (North American stone pipes)
Bedford:                                      Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, Castle Close (clay pipes, tobacco boxes, and 19th C.
                                                    German wood pipes)
Birmingham:                              Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Congreve Street
                                                     (The Pinto Collection of Treenware and pipes from around the globe)
Brighton                                      The Royal Pavilion, East Sussex, Old Stein (The Willett Collection of pipes)
Bristol BS99 7UJ:                       Imperial Tobacco Company, Bedminster (The Wills Collection; sold in 2002)
Cambridge CB2 1RB:                 Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street (snuff bottles)
Cambridge CB2 3DZ:                 University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Downing Street (large clay                                                       pipe collection and ethnologic specimens)
Cambridge CB2 3DZ:                 Cambridge and County Folk Museum, 2-3 Castle Street (clays)
Colchester CO1 1YG:                 The Castle, Colchester and Essex Museum, 14 Ryegate Road
Cornwall:                                     The Potter's Museum of Curiosity, Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Launceton
Coventry CV1 5RG:                   City of Coventry, Libraries Arts & Museums Department, Bayley Lane
Dorset BH20 5AT:                      The Blue Pool, Furzebrook, Wareham (traces local clay industry)
East Sussex:                                The Royal Pavilion, old Stein, Brighton
Essex:                                           Carreras Rothmann Ltd., Christopher Martin Road, Basildon
Exeter EX4 3RX                         Exeter Museum (Royal Albert Museum), Queen Street (clay pipes)
Guildford:                                    Guildford Museum, Castle Arch (Surrey clay pipes from 17th to 19th Century)
Hull HU1 1NE:                           Kingston upon Hull Museum and Art Gallery, Wilberforce House, 25 High 
                                                     Street (local clay pipes)
Huntington:                                 Norris Museum, The Broadway, St. Ives
Ipswich IP1 3QH:                       Museum of the Borough of Ipswich, High Street and Christchurch Mansion                                                      (branch museum) (clay pipes from Webster Adams and John Woodward)
Jersey, C.I.:                                 The Castle, South Hill (clay pipes)
King's Lynn:                               Museum and Art Gallery, Market Street (clay pipes)
Kingston-Upon-Thames:            Kingston Museum, Wheatfield Way (clay pipes and moulds)
Lancaster:                                   Museum and Art Gallery, Old Town, Market Square (snuff boxes)
Leeds (West Yorkshire):             Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall (clay pipe manufacturing equipment of                                                      Sampson Strong)
Lincoln LN2 1EZ:                      City and County Museum, Broadgate, Lincolnshire (clay pipes)
Lincoln LN2 1EZ:                      Museum of Linconshire Life, Burton Road (lead tobacco boxes)
Lincolnshire:                              Boston Museum, Guildhall, South Street (clay pipes)
Lincolnshire:                              Grantham Museum, St. Peter's Hill
Liverpool L69 1DT                    Ogden’s Factory (Imperial Tobacco Ltd.), Boundary Lane, P.O. Box 78A
                                                     (substantial collection of antique pipes, estimated at about 2,000)
Liverpool L69 3BX                    The National Clay Tobacco Pipe Archive, University of Liverpool,
                                                     Department of Archaeology, Abercromby Square (reports, research notes, 
                                                     makers’ marks, various   clay tobacco pipe collections)
London SE23 3PQ:                     Horniman Museum and Library, London Road, Forest Hill (pipe collection)
London W1:                                Wellington Museum, Apsley House, 149 Piccadilly (snuff boxes)
London EC2Y 5HN:                  The Museum of London, London Wall (clay pipes, 1580-to 20th C., tobacco and snuff boxes)
London W1:                               Barling Museum, B. Barling & Sons Ltd., 138 Parklane
London WC1B 3DG:                British Museum, Museum of Mankind, Burlington Gardens, Great Russell                                                      Street (part of Bragge Collection)
London SW7 2DD:                    Science Museum, Kensington, Exhibition Road (3,000 items from the 
                                                    Wellcome Collection: clay, briar pipes, tobacco boxes, and the Bryant 

                                                    and May Collection of fire-making appliances, by appointment)
London SW7 2RL:                     Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, Cromwell Road (James                                                      Collection: snuff boxes, tobacco labels)
London, SW1A 1ES:                  J.J. Fox Ltd./Robert Lewis, 19 St. James Street (cigar museum)
North Devon:                              Nikko Clay Pipes, P.O. Box 5, Ilfracombe, EX34 8BP (clay pipe museum)
Norwich:                                     Castle Museum (clay pipes)
Norwich:                                      Bridewell Museum, Bridewell Alley (ca. 200 pipes and some accessories, by appointment only)
Norwich, Norfolk NR12 9RZ:  The Broads Museum, Sutton Windmill, Stalham (north of Potter Heigham)
                                                   (section of pipes and tobacco)
Oxford OX1 2PH:                       The Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, Department of Western Art,                                                     Beaumont Street (Parisian gold tobacco and snuff boxes)
Oxford OX1 3PP:                       University of Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum and Department of Ethnology and                                                      Prehistory, South Parks Road (opium pipes)
Peterborough:                             Museum and Art Gallery (clay pipes)
Preston PR1 2PP:                       Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Market Square, Lancashire (the I.O. Evans                                                      Cigarette Trade Card Collection)
Salisbury:                                    Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum, The King's House, 65 The Close,                                                      Wilts. (tobacco boxes, snuff boxes, stoppers, and rasps)
Sheffield S11 8YY:                     Joseph and Henry Wilson Ltd., Westbrook Mill
Shrewsbury SY1 1LZ:                Clive House Museum, College Hill (Thursfield Collection of Broseley clay pipes)
Shropshire TF8 7AW:                The Ironbridge Gorge Museum, King Street, The Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford 
                                                     (Brosele Pipeworks, Clay Tobacco Pipe Museum)
Somerset TA1 4AA:                    Wells Museum (pipe stoppers)
Stalham:                                     The Tobacco Museum: The Sutton Windmill and Broads Museum
                                                    (wholesaler’s shop, tobacconist’s shop and a selection of tobacco 
                                                    journals and yearbooks)
Surrey KT1 2PS:                         Central Library Museum and Art Gallery, Fairfield Road, 
                                                     Kingston Upon Thames (clay pipes from 1600-early 20th C.)
Taunton:                                       Somerset County Museum, Taunton Castle (pipes and stoppers)
West Sussex:                               Amberley Museum, near Arundel (clay pipemaker’s shop)
Winchester:                                 City Museum, The Square (Clay tobacco pipes and reconstructed Foster's
                                                     Tobacconist Shop)
Wisbech:                                     Wisbech and Fenland Museum, Museum Square (clay pipes)
Worcestershire DY12 2AE:        Bewdley Museum, Load Street (clay pipe workshop)
York:                                           Castle Museum, Yorkshire (recreated clay pipe workshop of Sampson Strong)
York YO1 2DR:                          Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens

            Juneau 99801:              Alaska State Museum, 395 Whittier (argillite pipes)
            Berkeley:                      Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, 103 Kroeber Hall, 94720-3712 
                                                  (snuff containers and tobacco pipes)
            Beverly Hills, 90210:   Francis E. Fowler Fr. Foundation Museum, 9215 Wilshire Boulevard (snuff 
            Diamond Springs:        Puff N Stuff Pipe Museum (available by appointment only at 10 a.m., 
                                               2 and 4 p.m. weekdays and noon Saturdays [(530) 957-6027])
            Los Angeles, 90036:    Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard 
                                                  (Allan Balches Collection of Snuff Bottles)
            Oakland, 94607:           Oakland Art Museum, 10th and Fallon Streets (Helen Pritchard Collection 
                                                   of Snuff Bottles)
            Oakland, 94607-3651: Pardee Home Museum, 672 11th Street
            Sacramento: Diamond  Springs, Antiques Thrift and More, Puff n’ Stuff Museum
            San Francisco, 94111:   The Museum of Packaging Antiquities, Ferryboat Klamath, Pier 5 
                                                   (cigarette packs, cigar-box labels, tobacco tins)
            Colorado Springs, 80903:  Pioneers Museum, Starsmore Center for Local History, 215 South
                                                        Tejon Street (James L. Dick Pipe Collection, approx. 500 items)
            East Hartford, 06108:        Raymond Library Company, King Museum, 840 Main Street 
                                                        (cigar-box labels and cigar bands, tobacco farming implements)
            Granby, 06035:                  Colton-Hayes Tobacco Barn Museum, 206 Salmon Brook Street
            Greenwich, 06830:            The Bruce Museum, Museum Drive (more than 700 pipes, many of which   
                                                        are Gustav Fischer's meerschaum pipes from UST Museum)
            Greenwich, 06830:            U.S. Tobacco, 100 West Putnam Avenue (cigar-store figures)
           Washington, 06793:           American Indian Archaeological Institute, P.O. Box 260 (Off Route 199)                                                         (Edward H. Rogers Collection of Eastern Indian artifacts, including approx. 
                                                       75 pipes)
            Windsor, 06095:               Tobacco Cultural Museum, 145 Lang Road
District of Columbia:
            Treaty Room, State Department, Virginia Avenue and 25th Street (UST Museum donation of Amerind 
            National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution (argillite pipes, 10 cigar-store figures);  
            The Stoor Collection of pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, tobacco cutters, match safes, and snuff  
            boxes donated in 1961.
            Gainesville 32611:           University Gallery, University of Florida (argillite pipes)
            Key West:                         Caya Hueso y Habana (cigar memorabilia museum)
            St. Augustine, 32084:       Lightner Museum, 25 Granada Street
            St. Petersburg, 33701:      St. Petersburg Museum, 335 Second Avenue, N.E. (pipes and tobacco jars)
            Tampa 33605:                  Ybor City State Museum (original Ferlita Bakery), 1818 9th Avenue 
                                                      (contains replica of a cigar maker's cottage)
            Tampa 33605:                  Centro Ybor Cigar Museum, Seventh Avenue and Sixth Street
            Tampa 33605:                  J. C. Newman Cigar Museum, 2701 16th Street (2 company museum exhibits: 
                                                     “The Cleveland,” and the “Tampa”)
           Chicago, 60605-2496:     The Field Museum, 1400 South Lakeshore Drive 
                                                    (ethnographic pipes from around the world)
            Chicago, 60605:             Natural History Museum, Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive (Mrs. George T. Smith 
                                                    Collection of Snuff Bottles; argillite pipes, ethnic pipes and consumer products)
            Chicago, 60614-6099:   Chicago Historical Society, Clark Street at North Avenue (2 cigar-store figures)
            Mendota 61342:            Time Was Village Museum, Smoke Shop, U.S. 52 & Illinois 251
            Fort Wayne, 46801:       Lincoln Library and Museum, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company 
                                                    (Abraham Lincoln Cigar Box memorabilia)
            Indianapolis, 46226:      Hook's Historical Drug Store and Pharmacy Museum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds,
                                                    c/o Hook's Drugs, Inc., 2800 Enterprise Street, P.O. Box 26285
            West Lafayette, 47906:  Fort Ouiatenon Museum (clay pipes)
            Decorah, 52101:             Yesterheim, The Norwegian-American Museum, 502 West Water Street
            McPherson, 67460:        The McPherson Museum, 1130 East Euclid Street (more than 140 snuff bottles)
            Baton Rouge:                 Magnolia Mound Plantation, 2161 Nicholson Drive
            Accokeek:       The Accokeek Foundation, 3400 Bryan Point Road, 20607   
                                                   (tobacco farm and associated buildings)
            Baltimore, 21201:          Maryland Historical Society, 3201 West Monument Street (cigar-store figures)
            St. Mary's City, 20686:  Visitors Center, P.O. Box 39 (Colonial era clay pipes)
            Upper Marlboro, 20772: Tobacco Farming Museum, Patuxent River Park, 16000 Croom Airport Road
            Boston:                       Paul Bloechlinger Collection of Japanese pipe cases and tobacco pouches)
                                                   65 Huntington Avenue, 02115-5523
            Cambridge 02138:        Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University,                                                    11 Divinity Avenue (argillite pipes)
            Salem 01970:                Peabody Museum, East India Square (argillite pipes)
            Dearborn, 48124:         Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum, 20900 Oakwood Boulevard                                                    (12 cigar-store figures, pipes, tobacco boxes, pipe tongs)
            Flint, 48502:                 Paul Spaniola's Pipe Museum, Paul's Pipe Shop, 647 South Saginaw Street
            Pipestone, 56164:        Pipestone National Monument Museum, P.O. Box 727 (Catlinite pipes and gift shop                                                  reproductions)
            Columbia, 65211-1440: Museum if Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia, College of Arts and
                                                   Sciences, 100 Swallow Hall (ethnographic and Pamplin pipes)
            Kansas City, 64106:     Arabia Steamboat Museum, 400 Grand Avenue (pipes recovered from   
                                                  the steamboat sunk in 1856)
            Point Lookout, 65726:  Ralph Foster Museum, The School of the Ozarks, Highway 35 at Junction V (The Bob
                                                   Brownell Pipe Collection)
            Washington, 63090:      Corn Cob Pipe Museum, 400 West Front Street
New Jersey:
            Newark, 07101:            The Newark Museum, 43-49 Washington Street (cigar-store figures)
            Princeton 08544-1018:  Art Museum, Princeton University (Blair Collection of Snuff Bottles)
New York:
            Albany, 12210:              Albany Institute of History and Art, 125 Washington Street (cigar-store figures)
            Auburn 13021:              Cayuga Museum of History and Art, 203 Genesse Street (Indian pipes)
            Brooklyn 11238:           Brooklyn Museum of Art, 200 Eastern Parkway (Indian pipes)
            Brooklyn 11201:           The Long Island Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont Street (cigar-store figures)
            Cooperstown, 13326:   New York State Historical Society, Fenimore House, The Farmers' Museum, 
                                                   Lake Road, P.O. Box 800 (8 cigar-store figures)
            New York City, 10028: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Avenue at 82nd Street 
                                                   (brass tobacco boxes and snuff bottles)
            New York City, 10019:  Museum of American Folk Art, 49 West 53d Street (cigar-store figures)
            New York City, 10029:  Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue (3 cigar-store figures)
            New York City, 10024:  American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street 
                                                    (fraction of the Edwin A. Barber Pipe Collection, argillite pipes, 
                                                   and the Drummond Collection of snuff bottles)
            New York City, 10016:  General Cigar Company, 387 Park Avenue (cigar-store figures)
            New York City, 10018:  Arents Tobacco Collection, New York Public Library, 5th Avenue and 42d Street                                                     (tobacco library)
            New York City, 10024:  The New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West (cigar-store figures)
           New York City, 10032:  The Museum of the American Indian, 
                                                    The Heye Foundation, Broadway at 155th Street (argillite pipes)
            Westchester:                    George Arents home: Amy Lowell meerschaum pipe collection (ca. 40 pipes)
            Rochester, 14603-1480:  Rochester Museum and Science Center, 657 East Avenue (some artifacts and                                                      memorabilia from the William S. Kimball Tobacco Company)
            Staten Island, 10306-1198: Staten Island Historical Society, Richmondtown. 441 Clarke Avenue  (cigar-store                                figures)
North Carolina:
            Cherokee, 28719:          Museum of the Cherokee Indian, U.S. 441, P.O. Box 770-A (Indian pipes)
            Durham, 27705:            Duke Homestead Education and History Corporation, 2828 Duke Homestead Road, Durham,
                    NC, 27705 (memorabilia of the Duke family, tobacco farming machinery, 
                    1 cigar-store figure, collectibles)
            Greensboro, 27412:      Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Karl Prickett                                                    Snuff Bottle Collection)
            Kenly, 27542:               Tobacco Farm Life Museum, Box 88 (resembles a tobacco barn, tobacco bills, hand planters,                                                   video theater)
            Raleigh, 27611:            North Carolina Museum of History, 109 East Jones Street (cigar-box labels)
            Winston-Salem, 27108:  Old Salem, Inc., The Miksch Tobacco Shop restored
            Cleveland, 44106:        The Western Reserve Historical Society, 10825 East Boulevard (cigar-store Figures)
            Cleveland, 44106:         Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Boulevard (Japanese kiseru  and others)
            Columbus, 43211:        Ohio Historical Center, 1982 Velma Avenue
            Painesville, 44077:       Indian Museum, Lake Erie College, 391 West Washington (Prehistoric stone pipes from                                                   the Reeve Village Site, Lake County)
            Piqua, 45356:               Historic Indian Museum, 9845 North Hardin Road (clay pipes)
            Ripley, 45167:              Ohio Tobacco Museum, 219 North Second Street, P. O. Box 61
            Guthrie, 73044:            National Lighter Museum (Ted and Pat Ballard), 107 South 2d Street
            Portland, 14067:           The Advertising Museum, P.O. Box 14067
            Douglassville, 19518:  Merritt's Museum of Early America, R. 2 (cigar-store figures)
            Doylestown, 18901-4999: Mercer Museum, Bucks County Historical Society, 84 South Pine Street 
                                                   (19 cigar- store figures)
            Lancaster, 17601:         Pennsylvania Farm Museum of Landis Valley, 2451 Kissel Hill Road 
                                                   (cigar-store figures)
            Lancaster, 17602-2875:  Demuth Foundation, 114 East King Street (tobacco jars, 1 cigar-store 
                                                    figure and pipes)
            Reading, 19601:           Historical Society of Berks County Museum, 940 Centre Avenue 
                                                  (6 cigar-store figures)
            Scranton, 18510:          Everhart Museum, Nay Aug Park
Rhode Island:
            Providence, 02906:      The Rhode Island Historical Society, John Brown House, 52 Power Street 
                                                  (2 cigar-store figures)
            Providence, 02906:      Museum of Rhode Island History, 110 Benevolent Street
South Carolina:
            Dillon:                          101 South Marion Street (tobacco display)
            Mullins, 29574:           South Carolina Tobacco Museum, 104 N.E. Front Street, P.O. Box 408
            Chattanooga, 37403:   Houston Antique Museum, 201 High Street
            Nashville, 37205:        The Tennessee Botanical Gardens and Fine Arts Center, Inc., Cheekwood,
                                                  Forrest Park Drive (Thompson Collection of 370 snuff bottles)
            Houston, 77007:          DOC International Tobacco Museum & Archive, 330 T. C. Jeter Boulevard
            Washington, 77880:    Star of the Republic Museum, Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Park, 
                                                 P. O. Box 317
            Shelburne, 05482:       Shelburne Museum, U.S. Route 7, Box 10 (41 cigar-store figures)
            Columbia, 23038:        The Goochland Tobacco Museum, 5701 Mayo Lake Drive (Tel: 804- 457-4211)
            Newport News, 23606-3759:  The Mariners’ Museum, 100 Museum Drive
            Pamplin, 23958:          Pamplin Pipe Museum, Route 1, P.O. Box 250 (clays)
            Richmond, 23221:      Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Boulevard and Grove Avenue (10 cigar-store figures)
            South Hill 23970:       Tobacco Farm Life Museum of Virginia, 306 W. Main Street
            Williamsburg, 23187: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Gallery,                                                   Post Office Box C (extensive pipe, snuff box, and pipe tamper collection) and the                                                   Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center Collection, 307 South England Street 
                                                 (10 cigar-store figures)
            Seattle, 98112:            Seattle Art Museum, Volunteer Park (Eugene Fuller Memorial Collection of
                                                 Snuff Bottles)
            Kenosha, 53140:         Kenosha County Historical Society, 6300 Third Avenue (120 snuff bottles and 
            Milwaukee, 53233:     Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 West Wells Street (George Arbor West                                                   Collection of Indian pipes)
            Oshkosh, 54901:         Oshkosh Public Museum, 1331 Algoma Boulevard
            Cody, 82414:             Plains Indian Museum 720 Sheridan Avenue (calumet, Catlinite, and other
                                              ceremonial pipes)

             Restaurants and Tobacconists that promote the "smoking" theme


Pisa: Happy Drinker, an English-Speaking Pub, Vicolo del Poschi, 7

“Cafe Hoepfner,” Hotel Smokovec, Stary Smokovec 25, Vysoke Tatry (four wall cases with old pipes stacked on the various shelves containing briar, hard wood, and porcelain pipes, some of which were for sale)

Dorset:                          The Wise Man Pub, West Stafford
London:                         Queen's Elm Pub, 241 Fulham Road, Chelsea
London:                         Sherlock Holmes Pub, 10 Northumberland Street, WC2N 5DA
Yorkshire:                     Pipe's Tavern, Newsham

            San Diego:        Racine & Laramie, 2737 San Diego Avenue, 92110-2731 (Musee de Racine)
            San Francisco:  Russo's Restaurant, Union Street (Groucho Marx Memorial Collection of 
                                       5,000+ cigar bands)
            San Francisco, 94108:  S. Holmes, Esq., Persian Slipper Club of San Francisco, 221B Baker Street,
                                                  30th Floor, Holiday Inn-Union Square, 480 Sutter Street at Powell Street
            San Luis Obispo, 93401:  The Cigar Factory, 726 Higuera Street (contains history of the George Kluver  
                                                       and Son Pioneer Cigar Factory)
            West Willington, 06279:   Pipe Dream Restaurant, Route 32 and Ademec Road
New Jersey
            Hackensack, 07601-1724: Stony Hill Inn (The Pipe Room), 231 Polifly Road
New York:
            New York, 10018:             Keen's Chop House, 72 West 36th Street
            Richmond, 23219:            Tobacco Company Restaurant, 1210 1/2 East Carey Street

Tobacco shops in the United States with an appreciation for antique pipes

            Santa Monica, 94105:      Tinder Box, 2729 Wilshire Boulevard 
                                                      (the original, founded in 1929, owned by Ed Kolpin, Sr.)
            Minneapolis 55402:         Lewis Pipe & Tobacco, 527 Marquette Avenue

North Carolina:  
            Wilmington, 28403:         Smokers Emporium, Long Leaf Mall

                                   Overseas shops with antique pipes often on display/for sale

Canada: Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1E3: Julius Vesz, Pipemaker, Royal York Hotel, 100 Front Street West

Denmark: Kolding (Jutland):  Svend Laumanns Antikvariat og Tobaksmuseum

England: London:  Roberto Molin, Unit 1, Admiral Vernon, 141-149 Portobello Road, London W11
             London:  Desmond Sautter Ltd., 106 Mount Street
             London:  J.J. Fox (St. James’s) Ltd., 19 St. James Street, SW1A 1ES
             London:  Mike Clements, Rogers Arcade, Portobello Road (Saturdays)

France:  60800 Crépy en Valois: Atelier Philippe Bargiel, 1, rue du Bois de Tillet
            75001 Paris:  Dominique Delalande, Louvre des Antiquaires, 2, Place du Palais Royal
            75001 Paris:  A l’Oriental, 19-22, Galerie de Chartres, Palais Royal
            75002 Paris:  Pipes Sommer, 11-15 Passage des Princes
            75002 Paris:  Fabrique de Pipes "à la Sans Rival," L. Lavisse, Specialiste, 9 Passage des Panoramas
            75003 Paris:  Aux Mines d'Ecume, 35 Boulevard Saint-Martin
            75006 Paris:  Au Caïd, 24, bd Saint-Germain
            75010 Paris:  A la Pipe du Nord, 21, bd Magenta
            93400 Saint-Ouen:  Smoker, 142, rue des Rosiers, Stand 132-133, Marché Malassis
            93400 Saint-Ouen:  Très à l’Etroit, 110, rue des Rosiers, Marché Serpette, Allée 3, Stand 13

Spain:  Madrid 13:  Pozito, Preciados 1

Switzerland: 1201 Geneva:  Tabac Rhein, 1, rue de Mont-Blanc
                  1201 Geneva:  Au Boa Fumant, 12, rue des Montbrillant
                  8001 Zürich:   Les Ambassadeurs AG, Bahnhofstrasse 64 (Dunhill Centre)