Friday, June 12, 2015

Paul Lanier ( 1932 - 11 June 2015)

Saint-Claude pipe sculptor Paul Lanier passed away yesterday at the age of 83.

  He lived his life to the fullest,

Paul Lanier, 4 years old, with a dream

Saint-Claude rugby team, Paul Lanier is center front row, 1953

Trans. "Watch out for those two! They look quite respectable, and then they start making acrobaties in restricted areas! JUST LIKE THIS GUY PAUL LANIER!" Cartoon by Jacques Faizant. N.D.R. It is rumored by sources that wish to remain anonymous, that Paul flew above the field of the local stadium at a strictly forbidden height during the opening ceremony of local festivities.

"Running out of imagination, I don't know what that is,"

"I had the chance of learning a trade that I loved my whole life,"

"whether it takes two or three weeks, I don't care, I am having fun,"

"I never get bored."

Throughout the years, numerous personalities and Premiers Fumeurs de France, whose portrait he carved, saluted his unique talent,

Bernard Blier, 1977

Roger Rocher, 1978

Henri Verneuil, 1978

Jacques Faizant, 1980

Jean Poiret, 1982

Michel Malinovsky, 1984

Claude Brosset, 1985

Bertrand Blier, 1985

Robert Lamoureux, 1986

Michel Drucker, 1987

Louis Le Prince Ringuet, 1987

Claude Chabrol, 1988

Jack Dieval, 1989

Francis Perrin, 1990

Pierre Miquel, 1991

Gérard D'Aboville, 1992

Nino Ferrer, 1993

Michel Field, 1994

Jean-Louis Foulquier, 1996

Paul Bocuse, 1998

Charles Villers, 2000

Raymond Forni, 2001

André Santini, 2006

Patrick-Louis Vuitton, 2007

Lanier will be remembered as a pipe sculptor of exception and a true free-spirit.

"Les Blés" by Lanier

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