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Wood Masterpiece Rothschild Colllection (11)

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Blanc Garin Catalog 1838

On the 16th of June, 1834, Jean-Claude Blanc Garin and Jean Baptiste Guyot set up their clay pipe making operations in close proximity to the Gambier compound in the French town of Givet.

in 1838, Blanc Garin became the first pipe manufacturer in Givet to print a catalog.

(Lith. L. Lacourt à Givet)
With a price list for 271 models.


The preface written by Marie-Thérèse Blanc Garin demonstrates an aggressive commercial vision, some of it squarely directed at Gambier:

"The manufacture of pipes known around the world under the name Veuve Blanc Garin employs around 120 workers who manufacture 15 to 20,000 pipes a day. 

The collection of its models is composed of what is the most novel as of today and a selection of those is presented in this catalog.

Its vast and convenient location made it possible to double the number of its workers without the quality of its product ever being affected.

The kilns, built using a new process, bake with a whiteness and sharpness that can not be found in most other manufacturers given that those manufacturers use coal ("charbon de terre") for the baking.

The belgian pipes marked 46 PV and JC are of particular interest given their ability to easily season ("facilité à culotter"), fast and black. The clay is imported from Belgium and Holland with the utmost care and cleanliness.

Its warehouses being always abundantly stocked with pipes of all kinds allow for prompt shipping of purchase orders which are fulfilled with exactitude and without inclusion of products that were not ordered.

The breadth of its trading across France and foreign countries is a proof of the superiority of its products that compete with those of other manufacturers on the very grounds on which those other manufacturers stand.

The shipping crates are very well finished and constructed from poplar wood or fir tree: in one word, no detail is neglected so that ladies and gentlemen merchants and customers be satisfied."

Voltaire. N° 245, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

L'enragé de 93, N° 235, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Robert Macaire, N° 237, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

La Chouette. N°226, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Bédouin. N° 233, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Les Pochards, n. 222 Courtesy Amsterdam Pipe Museum

n. 222 Courtesy Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Napoléon. N° 205, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Aigle sur Bicorne. N° 252, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Bayard, n. 243 Courtesy Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Le Diable. N° 241, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Ecaillère. N°251, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Lion debout (Indépendance Belge). N° 257, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Marion De L'Orme, N° 254, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Mathieu Lamberg, Astronomer. N°258, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection

Ali Pacha. N° 262, Courtesy Piasa/Mazaleyrat Collection