An Instructional Note to the Pipe Smoker and Pipe Collector by Ben Rapaport

☻ The literature of tobacco and smoking is an arcane field because, today, few think of tobacco as a field of research.  However, would you believe that, next to religion, it’s an area covered by many printed words?  In 1989, when I published The Global Guide to Tobacco Literature, I had counted some 5,800 titles in the predominant languages—English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.  By mid-1994, another 150 or so books had appeared in print!  So, the inventory continues to expand, and it covers a wealth of interrelated and, sometimes, disparate areas such as: history of smoking customs and tobacco technology; agriculture and farming; prose and poetry; occasional fiction; specialty books on pipe crafting; snuff and its accouterments; tobacco boxes, jars, and pocket tins; cigar boxes, labels, cigar bands and cigar accouterments; tobacco art; cigarette packs; matchboxes, matchbox labels and match books; cigar-store figures; industry and company histories; museum exhibition catalogs; special auction house catalogs... and the list goes on.

☻ The range of published material is as broad as the variegated interests of most smokers who choose distinctive pipes and tobaccos to suit their own particular tastes. Plenty of books are in print from which to choose something suited to individual tastes, but this particular short list includes only those books wholly focused on antique and vintage smoking pipes, not contemporary briars, a specialty area best covered elsewhere. Many of the titles appearing herein were published privately, some as a limited edition, others as vanity press or facsimile reprints.  Some were short-runs and the supply has long been exhausted.  Here are only the English-language titles, but many more books written about this narrow collecting field have been published in foreign languages, particularly French, German and Italian; however, their print runs are typically shorter that those published in the United States and in Great Britain.

History and Provenance of Antique and Vintage Pipes

Armero, C. Antique Pipes (A Journey Around a World) (Madrid, 1989)
______, and Rapaport The Arts of an Addiction. Qing Dynasty Opium Pipes and Accessories (Canada, 2005)
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______. Pipes and Meerschaum.  Pipes: A Familiar History Part The Second.  Pipes.  The Pipes of   Asia and  Africa. Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet Number 11 (Liverpool, 1895)
______. Pipes and Meerschaum.  Pipes:  A Familiar History.  Part The Third.  Pipes. English and European. Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet Number 12 (Liverpool, 1896)
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Jung, S. P. 19th Century Patents, Designs, and Trademarks for Tobacco Pipes and Related Material Issued by the U.S. Patent Office 1858-1899, 2 volumes (self-published, Bel Air, 1987)
______.    Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers and Distributors Found in U.S. Directories in The Library of Congress (to be published in 1999)
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Muzei Iantaria. Mundshtuki i Trubki XVIII--Nachala XX Vekov iz Chastnykh Kollektsii: Katalog  Vystavki  (Mouthpieces and Pipes of the 18th--early 20th Century from Private Collections. Exhibition Catalogue) (2007)
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